Why our website design services are cheaper than others.

We have been thinking about this a while. And rather than charging you more than $15.000 we are more likely to charge you $1.500 … Why is that, you are asking? Because we are no time wasters and outsources. We work from home even when COVID-19 is not around. Check out Sarah Shakeels Instagram for a bit of glitter during hard times. Just click on Covid-19, don't worry – you can touch it.

We sit down and get to know you.

We probably don't even want to to get to know you, but more so your business. What is the real core value of your brand, why do you need a business website and what for? We create a concept with you rather than for you. This is why we need your help and saying content is key isn't only a random catch frase. We love what we do and as designers we really want it to look good. Oh no, hang on. That's not what I was meant to say. We want it to work good. Oh yeah, and look good to. We like good looking and as designer we do not want to loose our souls. No, that is not only a book title. It's also true. So why not make it look good and work perfectly?

We love working from home

Yes! We do. Not only during Covid-times. We like to #staysafe any time really. We do not need a big fancy office with designer chairs like Charles Eames (even though we love them) or fancy standing desks.

One size doesn't fit all.

We know that every single business is unique and every single website needs individual thought process and design thinking. Knowing this we are so open to adjustments. You need a large website that will get the traffic on your site flowing? Maybe more assistance with blog posting or website management and maintenance. No worries, we've got you covered. We are happy to individually prepare a price packaging only for you.

We use little helpers.

Most of our sites are for our customers are created with This way all work is done by us and we do not have to pay anyone extra and outsource any of the work. Your business needs more attention and more freedom than online website building platforms allow? We provide you with a great design and all measurements of the site to be handed over to a web developer who will bring the site to live. Don't know any web developers? No troubles, we'll find one for you. Are you needing some help with your SEO? Check out this Guru. Do you have no idea what I am talking about? Just give us a call.

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