Why you should always ask for a style guide and your final files.

We’ve made it quick and convenient for you to get an overview what to watch out for when working with – big or small – graphic design studios. This can be seen as a little checklist, maybe even a to do list for when you are about to design or re-design your business identity.

Brief thoroughly

A brief is a set of instructions given to a person about a job or task. And no, they definitely do not have to be brief. The more the merrier. Let your design know what your business is about what is your special ingredient and most importantly: what do you want? What are your achievements through this task or job, what is the goal. Be specific if you like. This document will be as important for you as for the designer. It is for them to keep track if they are on the right path and for you to sit down and define your brand. And just to be really fair: It is a document for you to prove what you wanted in the first place in case your graphic designer drifts off and is being really creative. Which could result in having an undesired outcome.

Create a deadline

A timeframe is really handy for you and the agency to keep track of where your task is at. Websites always take longer than you might think and print jobs depend on the printery. So please plan some extra time. But to be sure you will finish your project on time and to keep your clients happy: create a deadline.

Make sure you will get a Stylguide

Styleguides or Branding Guidelines contain information about your font, colours and how to apply and use them in the digital and analog world. It should contain information about your logo and when to use which font. It also gives you all values of a colour, usually RGB, CMYK and HEX – if you are unsure which ones you need, talk to your graphic design studio.

Make sure you will get vector files

If you will ever have to adjust your logo or even just a brochure that has been created for you. Make sure you either are provided with an editable PDF or vector based files like EPS or AI. This way you can later on access all needed information. Even if you decide to change the designer you will be able to give these files to the new studio.

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