We don't like to praise, but here's a bit about us.

We work(ed) with:

We work(ed) for:

We speak 3 languages.

Fluently. Okay, now we actually are praising. But whatever. Language is a gateway for expressing thoughts and ideas. Having the ability to do so in three different languages gives us quite the broad spectrum. Also, we are the ones who silently stand behind you in the queue to get your coffee while you talk on the phone in another language thinking no one can understand you anyways. Oh, by the way, it's Deutsch, Español & English. Therefore, we worked all over the world including Argentina, Germany, Spain and Australia.

Forde + Nicol


Studio für Gestaltung

We have a big heart for sustainability.

We dig and bend.

Well, we didn't call ourselves 'Keep Keep' for no reason. We are huge fans of sustainability and looove the keep things, buy less, buy for a lifetime or recycle. So do we integrate our values into your brand! We don't want you to re-brand every couple of years, we prefer you to get a design to call a keeper. 

Who doesn't like a good work-life-balance. If we aren't creating a new brand or refreshing and old one, we dig or bend. Confused? Let me clear things for you. We invest into permaculture, grow our own food and are almost plastic-free. Now that's the digging part. Bend? Guess what, we are a yoga teacher and love to flow. This is probably what inspired us to create a little Shop. Trying to connect things and bring it all together. 

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